How Do Game Signups Work?

We want you to have maximum access to games at Big Bad Con. Here’s how we do it:

  • Event submissions are open from early April through mid-August.
  • Events are posted to the site as soon as they’re approved, so attendees have plenty of time to see all their options.
  • Game signups for Big Bad Con will start on September 7th at 12:00 PM PDT (GMT-7:00), using our Signup Phase System, detailed below.
  • To sign up for an event, go to the event page, and if there are spaces left, click Book Now at the bottom.

Not enough games? Too many games?

  • We’re proactive during signups! If a game fills up quickly, we’ll try to add additional sessions. If a game isn’t filling up, we’ll promote it through social media.
  • If you have open slots on your schedule, never fear! Swing by the reg desk at the con to see what games still have open slots. We also have Games on Demand—just stop by for new games starting every two hours! And we’ve got open gaming running all con long!

Our Signup Phase System

Not everyone is available the moment signups open. So we’ve instituted Signup Phases, approximately one week apart:

  • Phase I (Saturday 9/7 12PM PDT) — Everyone can sign up for a maximum of 2 events.
  • Phase II (Monday 9/16 7PM PDT) — Everyone can sign up for 2 more events, a maximum of 4 total.
  • Phase III (Sunday 9/22 7PM PDT) — Event signups have no maximum limit.

A few things to note:

  • Events marked All Ages are available to all attendees, including teens.
  • Events not designated all ages are available to adults 18 and up.
  • Events you’re running don’t count against your limit.
  • Volunteer Ranger shifts don’t count against your limit.
  • Some specific events (Wolf Chase, panels, workshops) don’t count against your limit either. They are listed below.
Booking Exempt (Non-Quota) Events Type
Big Bad Art Walk Art Display
A Nice Pleasant Game of Mexican Train Board/Card Game
Battle of the Boy Bands Board/Card Game
Big Bad Jeopardy! Board/Card Game
Chronicles of Crime Board/Card Game
Codenames (and Expansions) Board/Card Game
Conviction: Justice Comes Calling! Board/Card Game
Cooperating Is Awesome Board/Card Game
ELEMANCERS: Light and Dark – Kickstarter Demo Board/Card Game
Fantasy and Mythology and Board Games Board/Card Game
For-Ex Board/Card Game
Gladius Rotating Demo Board/Card Game
Ikusa: Samurai Swords Board/Card Game
Magischola: House Rivalry Board/Card Game
Natural Selection Board/Card Game
New Angeles Board/Card Game
Playtest: Kitty Committee Board/Card Game
Root, a woodland game of Might and Right Board/Card Game
RUN! Rotating Demo Board/Card Game
Spirit Island Board/Card Game
Star Breach: Multiverse Sci-Fi Skirmish Board/Card Game
Star Wars X-Wing Flight School Board/Card Game
Star Wars: Rebellion Board/Card Game
Super Human Resources: Save The World, Look Good Doing It Board/Card Game
Terraforming Mars Board/Card Game
TREADS: Co-op WW2 Tank Battles Board/Card Game
Wingspan – An adventure in birding Board/Card Game
Big Queer Dance Party Dance Party
Live Performance: Ruune Dance Party
Wolf Chase 2019 LARP Workshop
Behind the Lasers – Staged with Audience Participation Live Performance
Romeo and Juliet play Starcrossed… Live Performance
Bleeding for the Game Media
Site Omega Media
Accessibility in Gaming Panel
Aquatic Content Panel
Designing out in the Open Panel
Growing a Latinx Hobby Panel
How to Stop Working When You Love What You Do Panel
Lyrics: An Essential and Underrated Tool of Rap Panel
Swordsfall – A Trip into an Afropunk RPG Panel
Terror By Design: How to design and run horror games Panel
Emotional Mecha Jam Sampler RPG
Chaldea Mixer with Screening Social
Soda Pop Social Social
Stitch & Bitch Social
Épée Basics for the Aspiring Duelist Workshop
Historical European Martial Arts with Foam Weapons Workshop
Introduction to Dueling Sabre Workshop
Make Do & Mend: Simple sewing for LARP, alterations, and sustainability Workshop
Middle Eastern Dance for Every Body: American Fusion Workshop
Work on Your Golden Cobra Game! Workshop