“Want to game?”

What I believe?

There is a euphoria I experienced the first time I went to a con.  It was KublaCon 2003, I believe their first or second year at the Hyatt.  I walked down those lobby steps and felt a flood excitement wash over me.  This was the place I belonged.  This was a place where people loved the same things I do.  This was a place where I had endless possibilities of adventure and exploration.   And from then I have loved cons.  I can go to a con, not get in a single game and still love the event because I am immersed in an environment that responds to gaming like the real world does to having coffee.   It’s natural, it’s normal. It’s what we do.

“Want to game?”  A simple question but one with little meaning outside the convention.  Asked to my co-workers, my customers, even most of my family, this question would be responded to with blank looks and confusion.   Asked to those in my gaming community the response is far more optimistic but still filled with doubts about what game we’ll play, when we’ll find time to do it, who else will be in the game, where will it take place.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my gaming community but like me they exist in the real world where all of these questions are real constraints.

A con is a magical place at a magical time.  Those constraints don’t matter.  Your purpose at a con, to play great games, is unfiltered by reality.

Big Bad Con is a reaction to that euphoria.  I will give you a gaming environment filled with possibilities.  Filled with opportunities for adventure and exploration.  Filled with gamers who feel the same way, who are all ready to answer the cry, “Want to game?”

Big Bad News: Gazebo Deathmatch, Food and Filming

Hey all, The Wolf waited till he had a solid subject to talk about and ended up with three! Here it is.  More news on the Gazebo Deathmatch, questions about food at the con as well as filming it.

The Wolf enters Game Chef 2010

If it has been quiet on the Big Bad Front, it’s only because The Wolf has been busy in the kitchen cooking up a game for Game Chef 2010.  1 Week, 1 theme and four secret ingredients yield: Burning Your Skin

For more information on Game Chef, check it out here

Big Bad News – Gazebo signed!

The contract for the Gazebo (and accompanying hotel) was signed today. Registration will be up next week!

Under Construction

Hey everyone… currently working on the site so please have patience if things look a little weird for the next few hours… thanks!