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The Wolf is hard at work scheduling games for Big Bad Con. So he doesn’t schedule too many before you arrive on Friday, let him know when you’ll show up!

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Pickup Games at Big Bad Con

Open Gaming

The Wolf has plenty of scheduled games in the line up, but that’s not all, he’s opened up the Black Forest for games of all shapes and sizes in open gaming.

The Hilton Empire room is our, all ours. 1,248 square feet of open gaming all con long.  Pick RPGs, board games, card games, anything you want to bring.

The Big Bad Staff will be on hand with a white board and twitter, acting as a matchmakers for folks looking for a game.  Make sure to follow @BigBadCon so you can keep appraised of events as they pop up at the con.

What folks said about open gaming in the past:

“I’m pretty much planting myself in open gaming, with a sign, when I’m not running my events.” – Leonard Balsera

“I plan on bringing some cool games like Fiasco and Dungeon world to run ‘on demand’ in open gaming” – Chris Bennett

“Because of the nature of In A Wicked Age, I’d be willing to run follow-up games (chapters) if any of the players wish to. This may happen within my slot or perhaps during later free-play. ” – Jesse Coombs

Way of The Wolf

Signing up for events is a ways off still, but when we get there, this is how signs ups are going to go down.

Once you’ve paid your entry fee or been confirmed as a volunteer, you’ll sign up online for the games you want to play in. Period. That’s it. No shuffler, no submitting choices and waiting months to find out what you’re in. Slots will fill up as sign ups are received.

Just like sign ups for Gen Con… only once you’ve paid the entry fee, the games are free!

Sounds perfect, eh? Yeah, The Wolf thinks this plan of his is pretty great too, but there are some concerns:

What if I miss the date and all the games I want are filled up? Way in advance, The Wolf will be contacting everyone via every means possible (email, Facebook, Twitter, grandma) to let you know when sign ups open, so you’ll have plenty of time to check the event schedule beforehand.

What if I still don’t get into games I want? At the con, besides socializing with fellow awesome gamers, there are going to be plenty of events off the schedule including open gaming, A Taste Of… (game demos), and Games on Demand.

So Mr. Wolf? How will it work?
Easy as catching Little Red. Once events are open, the Events page will change and have a nifty little sign up button. Assuming you have paid your entry fee or been confirmed as a volunteer, you’ll have the option to sign up online and take a seat in the event. It’s that easy. The Wolf’s programming skills may even include a wait list option, but lets not get too far ahead of ourselves… that’s how we end up in the little pig’s fire.

Howl of The Wolf

Howl of The Wolf BadgeHOOOOOOOWWWWWL

As Kublacon approaches, The Wolf wants to deputize fellow gamers to spread the “Howl of The Wolf”.   In exchange, you get to be part of the con (listed in the credits as an advertiser), get a shiny “Howl of The Wolf” pin, and if you’re a Facebook user, get a matching “Howl of The Wolf” badge for profile.

What The Wolf wants from you:

The Wolf has a big pile of shiny Big Bad Con Fliers and Business cards to hand out at KublaCon. You get a stack of 10 of each (or more if you want them). Give them out at your games or to people you talk to at Kubla.  Tell them about Big Bad Con and direct them to the website or thewolf@bigbadcon.com if they have any questions. Go ahead and tell them about how you got the pin as well if they ask, The Wolf is happy to add members to the wolf pack at the con.

What The Wolf will provide:

When The Wolf sees you at KublaCon, he’ll had over the fliers, business cards and a limited edition Big Bad Con achievement, the “Howl of The Wolf” pin, which is only available to gamers who help advertise for the con in advance.  If you’re a Facebook user, The Wolf will also link you to a the “Howl of The Wolf” badge you can add to your profile.

How to do it:

Simple, let The Wolf know you’re interested either by replying sending an email or RSVP to the “Howl of The Wolf” event on Facebook and he’ll arrange getting you the promotional material as well as get you name as you want it to appear on the credits for the con.

If you’re not attending Kublacon but still want to spread the word (amongst your local gamers, at a store, etc) The Wolf is happy with that too, just let him know that when you email or RSVP and he’ll make arrangements to get you the goods.

A Champion is Declared

The Wolf is bringing this update to you fashionably late.

The GM formerly know as Mike Bogan, aka, The Ultimate Superfly TNT Dolemite GM Ninja of All Time reigned supreme at the EndGame GM Throwdown on April 30th.

Beware challengers, this is the GM you’ve got to face to claim the title of Big Bad GM!

The Ultimate Superfly TNT Dolemite GM Ninja of All Time

Condolences to the Terror Rabbit, who clearly though HE should be holding the belt!

Matt Steele, Terror Rabbig

Matt will not be left out in the rain however, instead he’ll be showing up to the Big Bad GM event as a Judge. Watch out Dolomite!